Cloud 2.0 is not just a Crypto Wallet, it's an ECOSYSTEM

Not only are they dominating the Blockchain space with their innovative technology, they're accepting Merchants throughout Asia who have already begun accepting Cloud Tokens as a method of payment...

This is just the beginning...

Cloud Token Wallet CTO Ronald Aai

Ronald Aai is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) behind Cloud Token. He also has the technical responsibility for Bit Beta, a company that develops the 4th Generation Blockchain. So, you can tell that there is some Blockchain expertise involved.

More information about Cloud 2.0

It is not just a crypto wallet that pays you passively every single day. Cloud 2.0 is a whole eco-system. It is also a true decentralised wallet, it is fully distributed. This is important for establishing “trustless” trust in a poorly-regulated crypto environment. And it is key to solving the problems faced by extant crypto wallets.

Secondly, the team behind Cloud 2.0 recognises that the most successful fiat-based mobile payment providers today have not only constructed wide networks of payment partners, but have also integrated convenient services into their mobile applications. Cloud Token 2.0 leverages the adaptability of a fourth-generation fullydistributed ledger technology to deliver integrated services from the outset — and will develop and integrate more services in future.

How can Cloud 2.0 be fully distributed yet capable of integrating a range of different services? The answer to this question is explored in the “How? Parallel Ledgers!” chapter and subsequent “Cloud 2.0 technology” chapter.

A Cloud Token Wallet integrated service available right now is an AI trading bot called JARVIS, which offers a compelling means to generate a passive crypto-based income paid out in Cloud Tokens (CTO). Services expected very soon after launch will include payments — the essential bridge linking the abstractions of the cryptosphere to the everyday requirements of the real world — more AI trading options, and a decentralised crypto exchange.

This document is not a sales pitch for the purchase of Cloud Tokens (CTO), although that will be possible. Rather, it presents a case for Cloud Token Wallet as a secure means for you to store your private keys, track your crypto balances, participate in AI trading (to earn CTO), make everyday payments, and enjoy the functionality of a userfriendly decentralised exchange.

The Cloud 2.0 team understands that appreciation in the value of a crypto is only sustainable through the adoption of a useful, convenient, and secure DLT-based product. And that is exactly what Cloud Token Wallet happens to be. Download and install your Cloud Token Wallet from

If you’d like to learn more get in touch. Of course I’m not a financial advisor and even if I were I would never recommend you hold all your crypto currency in one wallet. I would put a portion in it and see what happens. Obviously.

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