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On the 30th of April, Ronald Aai was assaulted and kept captive by a group of people who stormed into his dwelling. We are happy to announce that he is now safe and unharmed, and is even back at work. The criminals however did force their way into Ronald’s computer, and stole both his and some other Cloud 2.0 team members personal security keys, assets and also damage computers, smartphones and cold storage wallets. They even attempt to cover up their malicious criminal acts by spreading rumors using fabricated websites.

Even though Cloud funds are safe, some functions have to go to an halt waiting to perform a security check before resuming to normal.

The Taiwan Prosecutor has filed a case to investigate and identify those involved. Strong legal action will be taken against them immediately.

There was also an attempted hack on the Ribbons OTC. This attack was thwarted easily by the first level of the security firewall, but the entire system is still undergoing a scan as a safety check for any other compromise that may have occurred.

In the meantime, CloudRedeem will be reset early next week when all the security scans are finished. It will be resumed for normal use as before.

The CTOX Conversion testing will also be reset early next week, and will be expanded to more and more people. The successful testing phase will then give way to the staggered rollout mentioned in previous announcements.

Ronald will share more information about the situation via a video that will come soon.


Stay tuned for more updates.


Cloud 2.0 Team

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