#cloudtwozero #cloudtoken Some extra info on the Launching Party

Blockchain has been influencing and disrupting every individual, groups, industries, countries, etc and the whole paradigm of this generation had entirely been changed.

Cloud 2.0 has the mission to provide an integrated platform for our users to earn and spend cryptocurrencies with a range of diversified merchants and projects. The Cloud team is excited to host the first official event, aiming to aggregate our users and eminent leaders to gather, communicate, and most importantly to celebrate the official launch of the brand new Cloud 2.0.

In this 1 day event, you will be able to learn about our new features, experience how Cloud 2.0 can be implemented in reality and to connect with some of our most successful leaders, not to mention Ronald himself.

Our team had prepared a series of activities including exhibitions, shows, performances, experience centers, raffles and of course a delegated banquet dinner for the evening, and the list goes on. It is highly advisable to book tickets right now as it is limited to 6,000 attendees due to the limitations of the venue.

Kindly select the preferable packages from below and proceed. All packages are sold in CTO and will be relocated to be used for business and market development for our community. 05 Oct 2019, see you in Kuala Lumpur!

From the Cloud Wallet app

Cloud 2.0 Launching Party, Kuala Lumpur October 5 2019

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