Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

As all of our community will be aware, there have been complaints and lawsuits that have arisen over the last few months due to all of the recent events that have taken place with the Cloud 2.0 platform. We would like to inform you that we are now at the stage where litigation, court action and investigation is already underway.

The positive side of these developments is that upon eventual legal resolution, we will be able to bring the Cloud 2.0 project fully back on track without further hindrance.

On the other side of the matter several points must be highlighted:

1. During all these proceedings, as required by law Ronald Aai will be unable to communicate directly to the Cloud community until all legal matters are settled;
2. Certain parts of CloudRedeem may discontinue for a period until all relevant funds are freed up;
3. We understand that members of our community who have downlines who chose to leave and withdraw are concerned about the progress of this matter. Until all legal issues are settled, funds currently frozen on exchanges will remain that way indefinitely. Exchanges will not release funds until they see these lawsuits are resolved, so the matter is now out of the control of Cloud 2.0 and is in the hands of the legal firms of various involved parties.

Although we are currently unable to put any timeline on these legal proceedings, as soon as we have any news on progress then we will be sure to post notices to our community via CloudChat.

During all these legal processes, the technical team will be continuing to develop the v2.0 wallet infrastructure in anticipation of the new future startup. We are pleased to announce that there are some new and exciting features already well into development, and we are looking forward to unveiling these to our whole community in time.

Cloud 2.0 Team

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