#cloudtoken #cloudtwozero How many things are we actually launching?

1. CloudSIM
2. Cloud2.0
3. OTA (Hotels first)
4. OTC (... still hopeful)
5. Merchant Integration (*Partnership with brands)
6. ROGUE (min. 1 simulation)
7. Cloud Prepaid Payment Card
8. Cloud2.0 NFC Card

When projects are collapsing Left/Right/Center. We are still standing and Releasing Features, and Communicating Heavily with the community. Call us anything, we are just a bunch of engineers that only know how to deliver what we promise.


1. CloudSIM
2. Cloud2.0
3. OTA(酒店优先)
6. ROGUE(最少1个模拟)
8. Cloud2.0 NFC卡

当许多钱包项目关闭时。 我们仍然站立并发布功能,并与社区进行大量交流。 说什么,我们只是一群工程师。 我们只知道如何兑现我们的承诺。

#wecare #welisten #wedeliver

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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