You all know what the direction of Cloud 2.0 is. What our goal is. The team will push on regardless of anything. Pioneers that are with us for the entire journey we will not forget you. You will be part of our small little family. We'll never forget those that help us. We will push on.

The Cloud SIM card: CloudSIM


  • OTA - Hotels will be integrated for the OCT 5th Launch
  • PREPAID CARD - Testing Phase CloudSIM - 10x cards testing in china, 5x testing in Europe, 10x testing in Asia, Cards are in production depends on Gemalto production of the cards.
  • JARVIS CTO ATOMIC SWAP - implemented waiting for an app update on APPLE STORE, GOOGLE PLAY STORE.
  • Withdrawal, those that have success please post here and support us even when you've withdrawn don't be shy to share your success.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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