#cloudtoken To become a MERCHANT A KYB process is required to verify that indeed it's a retail/business that we are working with.

For SOHO business we are working on it. Is there any cost for the MERCHANT?

1. Join JARVIS with a qualified amount best with $600, which the merchant will get CTOs

2. Merchant can cancel their membership when they return the Payment POS.

3. For merchants who do not need the Payment pos, a KYB process still needs to be done.

However the merchant just need to download the CLOUD 2.0 wallet apk to register for merchant account when it's ready.

Benefits for Merchants

1. Qualified Merchants can be a CASHPOINT merchant which will enable them to earn 1% from crypto conversions + sales

2. All transactions are MDR 0%

3. Settlements are based on per transaction between our bank and the merchant's bank the fee is fixed upon the location of the TT. The settlement date can be 7 days onwards.

4. Merchants can set the amount of % the crypto is kept and liquidated.

When will it start? Please wait for more information.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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