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Dear partners,

Due to the recent case of "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" between me and a company that I'm involved in, I've discussed with the directors of SQ2 Fintech Pte. Ltd to relinquish my directorship as of immediately. There will be no further involvement of me with the projects of SQ2 Fintech. I am fully committed to the Cloud 2.0 project, to make it a global wallet platform.

Cloud 2.0 Partners, you are all part of the greater engine that is designed to reshape the broken economy that we have now. We are just getting started, a project of this scale will definitely have hiccups here and there, as a team / family we work things out, like we always do.

We have overcome overwhelming odds to make Cloud 2.0 what it is today since April. However difficult it was we have found solutions to it as a team/family. Now yet we face another hurdle and as a team/family we again try to resolve it.

During the past few hours I've been speaking to leaders, and we have decided,

1. For all Cloud 2.0 members / partners / leaders that are cross-promoting similar wallets are in direct "conflict of interest" with the company. Please choose which you are going to commit to. If you decide to leave, please come to me and I will refund your investment and suspend the account. If the field is not as green on the other side as you though and want to come back, you'll have to start from scratch.

2. For all Cloud 2.0 members / partners / leaders that is caught with proof poaching other members that are already in the Cloud 2.0 network, please stop doing so or the team will take appropriate action against you.

Ronald Aai / Capt on board the Cloud 2.0 Rocketship.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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