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PART #3 - The Solution

There is only 3 kind of solution that will solve this.

1. LIMIT Withdrawals (when I suggested this we are called out to say we are closing down)

2. Make it work by KILLING OURSELVES.

MAGICALLY how we try to solve.
a. stupidly let FUD members take out more different assets that will hurt the trading for LOYAL partners.
b. stupidly lock more tradable assets in MORE wallets for FUD members to take out, which will hurt trading for LOYAL partners.

3. Let's LOYAL Partners control the FUD members.
While we expand the withdrawals to BTC/XRP/EOS/BCH/LTC.
to ease the congestion.

We all now know what we need to do.




1. 限制取款(当我们建议这样做时,害怕的成员说我们要关闭)

2. 毒药方案

3. 让忠诚的伙伴控制受惊的成员。
-在我们将提款扩展到BTC / XRP / EOS / BCH / LTC的同时,可以缓解交易拥堵。


Cloud 2.0 Launching Party, October 5 2019, Kuala Lumpur

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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