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Part #2 - Create Multiple Wallets for Withdrawals / Convert.

Scenario: Many to Many

So how many is many? if we create 20 wallets, it means that we have 20 wallets that can process WITHDRAWALS and CONVERTS. This will certainly solve the problem right? Yes for the first part. But we have a MAXIMUM of how many assets we can transfer out from the EXCHANGE in 24hrs.

So let' say.. i take out 20000 ETH equally split between 20 wallets. so each wallet has 1000 ETH. The Problem comes when.

One to Many issue again: 1 wallet sending too many small transactions that locks up let's say 15 wallets. so i have 15k ETH stuck. while the 5 wallets that has 5k ETH combined is used to send for those bigger withdrawals. Let' say 5 person takes out 200 ETH that's 0 for 1 Wallet. means only 25 person can take their assets.

Know the problems now?




如果我们创建20个钱包,则意味着我们有20个可以处理取款和转换的钱包。 这样肯定会解决问题吧? 是的,第一部分。 但是我们有一个限制,我们可以在24小时内从加密货币交易所转移出多少资产。

所以说吧..我拿出20个钱包平均分配的20000 ETH。 因此每个钱包有1000 ETH。 问题何时出现。

一对多问题再次出现:1个钱包发送了太多的小额交易,这些交易被锁定,比方说15个钱包。 所以我卡了15k ETH。 而结合了5k ETH的5个钱包用于发送更大的提款。 假设有5个人拿出200 ETH(即1钱包的0)。 意味着只有25个人可以拿走他们的资产。


Cloud 2.0 Launching Party, October 5 2019, Kuala Lumpur

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