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Members/Partners. Here you need to learn something. Why DEPOSIT does not have problem but CONVERT/WITHDRAW has.

PART #1 - of the problem

Many to One and One to Many.

Many to One = you have 1000 wallets sending 5ETH to One Wallet.

This is not a problem because 1000 wallets doing 1 transaction. One to Many = we have 1 wallet sending 1000 times 5 eth to 1000 different addresses.

This is like "SPAMMING" so these wallets normally get "FROZEN" until all 1000 sending is completed. Understand now? the problem?

成员/合作伙伴。 在这里,您需要学习一些东西。

为什么存款没有问题但是转换或提取有。 第一部分-问题:

多对一和一对多的情况。 多对一=您有1000个钱包向一个钱包发送5 ETH。


一对多=我们有1个钱包向1000个不同的地址发送1000次5 eth。

这就像“ DDOS”,因此这些钱包通常会获得“冻结”,直到所有1000个发送完整的交易。 现在明白问题了吗?

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