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为了更好地服务中国社区,因为APP非常缓慢。 我们已经找到了问题并且可以解决。 解决后的APP将非常快。 但我们需要在中国注册ICP许可才能提供APP内容。 我们正在申请ICP许可证。 假/诈骗项目不适用于ICP许可证。 Cloud2.0我们申请所有许可证。

#cloudtoken #cloudtwozero

In order to better serve the Chinese community because the app is very slow. We've found the problem and can be solved. The app will be very fast after it's solved. But we need to sign up for the app content in China to provide app content. We are applying for all rights license. Fake / scam items do not apply to all the rights of all the Cloud2. 0 we apply for all licenses.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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