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Wechat allows china citizens to pay, in most parts of the world if they have access to the internet. But fees are expensive. Cloud2.0 solves this problem by giving members cheaper internet fees all around the world and with the ability to earn wealth and pay.

微信允许中国公民在世界上大部分地区使用互联网付费。 但是互联网费用昂贵。 Cloud2.0通过为全世界的会员提供更便宜的互联网费用以及赚钱和付款的能力来解决此问题。

Our competitors are not the other wallets that spring up and say they can earn wealth for you through AI robots. Our competitors are with ourselves, our beliefs and our faith in the business.

我们的竞争者不是其他涌现出来的钱包,他们说他们可以通过AI机器人为您赚钱。 我们的竞争对手与我们自己,我们的信念和我们对业务的信念。

Through CloudSIM, a pay once subscription model. This is the first in the world. No other mobile service is able to do this like us. The mobile data that you have is usable around the world. It will keep growing, if too many can take and sell. We are sure we can capture 100 million subscribers in asia alone.

通过CloudSIM,一次付费订阅模式。 这是世界上第一个。 没有其他移动服务能够像我们一样做到这一点。 您拥有的移动数据可在世界各地使用。 如果有太多人可以购买和出售,它将保持增长。 我们确信仅在亚洲就能吸引1亿订户。

With our revolutionary CloudMerchant program, and our hardworking Cloud2.0 partners/members we are confident we will sign-up 20 million merchants around the world.


We will be the largest, mobile data service provider in south east asia, the 2nd largest in the world for mobile virtual network operator.


We have the technology ready. We have the people ready. We just need to take this 3 years journey to achieve our goal.

我们已经准备好技术。 我们已经准备好人员。 我们只需要走这3年的旅程就可以实现我们的目标。

Apple is already doing all of this. They first sell you phones, then they create an appstore for you to buy their apps, then they tell you they can do payment thru apple pay. Now they are releasing their own creditcard and ESIM. They want to be an operator too. Isnt' that what Cloud2.0 already have? If Apple is successful in 3 years time. Who will be interested to buy Cloud2.0 to fight with Apple?

苹果已经在做所有这一切。 他们首先向您出售电话,然后创建了一个应用商店供您购买应用,然后告诉您可以通过苹果付款进行付款。 现在,他们发布了自己的信用卡和ESIM。 他们也想成为一名运营商。 那不是Cloud2.0已经拥有的吗? 如果苹果在3年内成功。 谁有兴趣购买Cloud2.0与苹果抗衡?

Google? Huawei? Samsung? or Banks?

谷歌? 华为吗 三星? 还是银行? 

When that time comes, each CTO regardless the price 1 CTO = 1 share of the company.

到那时,1个CTO = 1股公司股份。

in 2023 mobile payment industry is a 1 Trillion USD industry. We might just be asking for 20 billion.

在2023年,移动支付行业的规模将达到1万亿美元。 我们可能只要求200亿美元。

how many PE? you do the math

多少PE? 你算算

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