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To resolve the current issues for future. Clear the regulatory issues we are having in eastern Europe and US side.

Combine Cloud SIM and Jarvis to upgrade it to become Jarvis 2.0

CTOs are now DATA tokens. If you put the SIM cards you are actually burning CTOs. CTOs can only be accumulated when you have subscription with Cloud SIM. Min $500 USDT. You will be given X amount of CTOs as Jarvis 1.0

If you use the Cloud SIM you burn the CTOs. You use CTOs to play for DATA usage,

All existing members will be upgraded to Jarvis 2.0 so we can conform to regulations. Your CTOs are UTILITY coins used in the CLOUDSIM network.

The wallet itself is for storage and services, you can use it within the ecosystem.

For conversions we have a third party called RIBBONS - which is the OTC - which will host many types of cryptos and CTOs. RIBBONS - Crypto and FIAT sides. With crypto you can still remain anonymous. For FIAT portion you need KYC is because the company itself is going to buy and give you liquidation in USD. That's only when we are going to have the CESA license.

All conversions will be sent to OTC where you will put an order for SELL and other members themselves when they click on the top up button for Cloud SIMs they will go to OTC to check where they came by from.

The company itself will buy anything that is less than market value. So if the price is $0.5084 and if someone put an order $0.5 then the company will pick it up. if they put $0.5084 we will pick it up what is less and then move it up the chain this way, the system will do it like that. The price determined is still by the assets, it's all up to the user it's all up to the peer to peer to actually do it. It's not the exchange where you can pull the price down.

The only thing that will effect the DATA that you get from the CTO is the price of the DATA that we are buying from the operators.

We are still coming up with how much of DATA each CTO is worth. CTO now you have a price in USDT, how much is one MB one TB for example. This is subscription based model. You sign terms and conditions. This is done on the next upgrade.

The members can go to OTC to liquidate their CTO, they start to post the sell of CTO. We are rushing it out. We are still here helping members in need who need to clear whatever they need to clear.

Leaders who are panicky if you try to spread FUD among the members we will not give you support anymore.

We have a plan to grow the consumer user network, we have a plan to grow the the partners network and the merchant network as well.

We are going to sign up with Taiwan's most biggest supermarket chains to get the Cash vouchers we try to sign up with 7Eleven and to buy their cash vouchers, also certain jewellery diamond retails.

This is the most cash intensive merchants. We are preparing for the Luna new year for the Chinese which is very important, they need money. All these merchants become cash points where they can sell BTC or ETH to get cash and also to buy or sell CTO through the merchant itself.

The merchant themselves on a normal payment gateway they are paying the transactions fees. Because we are taking the asset itself to be sold at the OTC there is 1% buyer and seller revenue. 1% goes to the merchant itself which means they are getting money and not paying money.

For network marketer that signs up the merchant itself gets 0.5% so this is based on reward and merchant itself will get it in FIAT to pay for the suppliers. 1% that goes to merchants bank account that's why we need the CESA license.

The merchant that processes the sell of the crypto it hits the CESA phillipines side to do the trade, the tax is being paid and the net is sent to the bank account that belongs to the merchant, there is no middleman, it's direct.

So now partners can go to merchant and sign them up and get 0.5% of every sale.

Also visit www.cloudtwozero.com for a short installation tutorial

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