What is ROGUE?

In a nutshell:

1. ROGUE is a savings lottery. It allows, members, to participate with just 10 DAI.

2. All the DAI is accumulated at the end of 30 days to participate in crypto lending platform such as celsius.network, compound.finance, nexo, etc... The yield fluctuates at around 14-17% a year.

3. Every 30 days, ROGUE will choose a number of members to split the accumulated earnings from the lending platforms. The number of winning members is calculated based on the size of the earning per month.

For example: 

Members: 1 million
Average Participation (AP): 10 DAI
Total Pool: 10M DAI
MPR 1% : 100K DAI
Winners: 100
Winning Chance: 1 in 1000


The prize money comes from interest generated thru lending platforms. Every 30days, when a prize is awarded all the interest that has been earned since the last prize is given to the winners divided equally.

4. The winning members will be given back in CTO which can be used or they can use to join JARVIS.

5. As the pool expands, more winners will be added in each draw helping more members.

6. How does the community make money? This is a community project, so there is no earnings.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

Visit www.cloudtwozero.com

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