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Guys do you know why the app is slow, it's because you're also jamming up the network. Partly it's our fault for not implementing a kickass cache mechanism in the first place. Partly it's also because guys have don't have the patience (this is blockchain guys.... please don't treat it like a wechat app), when you already submitted a request, don't double/triple/quadruple submit again.

We will be fixing this by the end of the month, so we all can have SNAPPIER (yes faith YAY!) response throughout the network.

#cloudtoken #cloudtwozero

同志们,您知道为什么应用程序运行缓慢吗? 这是因为您也在阻塞网络。 首先,没有实施良好的缓存机制是我们的错。 部分原因还在于,人们没有耐心(这是区块链...。请不要将其视为微信应用程序),当您已经提交请求时,请勿再次提交两次/三次/四次提交。


Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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