Overseas CT member can report also to Guangzhou police through email in the picture below. You must mentioning Liu Ming directly as he is investigation suspect, and include evidence of your transactions into CT wallet. The more proofs you providing the better. This will assisting police on putting more emphasis on case when realizing scope go worldwide. And they will round up all people involved, not just Liu. It beginning to come out that Liu paying off certain people and leader to keep quiet, when more info come out I will keep you informed.

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That’s right fellas, get your report in. The last two years everyone’s been chasing Ronald around because like idiots they believe all the bullshit that this prick Liu and the other cronies have spread to put all the blame on him. Now the tables have turned. The only way to get a chance to get any funds back is to get the police report in, the sooner the better. It’s not a guarantee, but better than doing nothing at all!

Fellas, one of our group members in here kindly made a template for reporting to the Guangzhou police. See below.

Fill out the template with your information, and attach screenshots of your transactions into the Cloud wallet if you have them, find them on your exchange records if you didn’t make app screenshots.

Make sure at the top of the email to mention Liu Ming so that the police know straight away what case they are processing.

HK groups are all reporting more and more, and from all over the world now too.

Download the template (Excel File)

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