It's great that there is info coming out of China regarding the arrest of Liu Ming and - reportedly - some of his cronies, but some questions remain:

  • Who suggested that the Cloud app was still being developed?
  • Where is/was the developer team located? Malaysia? China?
  • Where are/were the servers located? Malaysia? China? Elsewhere?
  • Where is Ronald Aai?
  • Why did our money disappear from the exchanges (mainly Binance) - or did it?
  • Who has/had access to the Binance accounts we were shown in the beginning?
  • Will the Chinese government give us our money back if it can be retrieved? (Doubtful)

This story reminds me a lot of Plus Token. It just got prolonged unnecessarily because of dubious information that got put out online. We could have bought more Ether (or other crypto) at a lower price, had we known that Cloud would not come back. I'm in the process of losing 4.4 Ether. That's not as much as some of you are losing, but it's bad enough when you consider that Eth might go up to 10 - 20.000 Dollars during this cycle.

Fact: Cloud Token Wallet was never a decentralised wallet in the actual sense. Otherwise our funds would still be there. 


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