Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

As all our members will be well aware of by now, there has been a hack made on the Cloud 2.0 Superwallet. We have been working non-stop to deal with this situation, and we understand the anxiety of our members. At this time we have the following details to report:

  • This has been an extremely sophisticated and high-level hack using some very high-tech equipment. It has obviously been planned over a long period of time and has been executed with quite some speed and precision.
  • The attack has focused solely on the Ethereum Superwallet. Other Superwallet funds are untouched, and all Jarvis funds are safe and fully secure.
  • There have been rumors circulating in the community that this hack has been an inside job by Cloud 2.0 staff. This rumor is false, and we can fully confirm that the attack has been orchestrated from outside Cloud 2.0 company.
  • There has been another rumor circulating that Cloud 2.0’s Ethereum Private Key storage has been hacked. This is also false. Our members must understand that Private Keys are generated on each users mobile phone and are by no means stored in Cloud 2.0 Company or in the possession of Cloud 2.0 staff.
  • While we are working on dealing with this intrusion, there may be login issues with your app. Please do not be alarmed by this as it is part of our security action to rectify the current issue.
  • Any members who still have Ethereum intact in their Superwallet should remove it immediately by sending it to a third-party wallet. Do NOT export it via Private Key to another wallet, as your funds will still be compromised.
  • Any other funds that can be removed at this time from the Superwallet should be sent out as a precautionary measure.

We will be keeping all members updated as things progress, and are working to end the disruption as soon as practically possible.


Cloud 2.0 Team

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