The following has been taken from the Cloudv2 Watchtower Telegram Group:

Guys, the group is getting out of hand with all kinds of crazy theories and opinions. Comments will be closed so that everyone can actually get news without having to swim thru a million speculative comments.

Two China team members who are on the ground in Guangzhou where Liu Ming has been arrested will also be new admin in here who can keep us up to date with the latest news from the actual place of events, and other news. They have kindly agreed to post updates for us. Thanks to @jasonwutian and @zhangjunhao1984 for your help.

Scooter Davis who is based in Hong Kong and works with China teams, and who was also in touch with the new development team before they disappeared, will also help provide us with news. Thanks @scooter9193

I am also working on trying to get more info from other sources.

I understand everyone is upset. So am I. I had nearly 10 BTC in Cloud. And now this has happened after all the waiting. So let’s wait on things to unfold, which it all will over the next short period of time.

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