The following has been taken from the Cloudv2 Watchtower Telegram Group:

Hello Mr Jerry, here is more informations from China, a China Cloud team leader put together all detail of Liu Ming and the history. It have been translate to English too, everyone Cloud in China read it and even more and more people reporting to police.

The person who wrote this document below has 100% knowledge of the Cloud senior management and wrote it in great detail. According to the current situation, the Guangzhou police have detained Liu Ming. This is an indisputable fact. Liu Ming is CT’s only winner, otherwise where did his luxury cars, mansions and famous watches all come from?

It is said that he is the man behind the scenes. If he did not do bad things and did not take away everyone’s assets, the police would not detain him for that long. My partners have already called the local police station to confirm that Liu Ming has been filed and identified as a fraud. It is impossible to detain an MLM case for so long, only fraud accusation will be held for so long.

This matter of Liu Ming may affect the assets of all our members, because the facts have proved that he had 100% control; we can only pray that God will keep our assets safe from being confiscated, and we also hope that our Chinese police can find out all the facts and return them. The cloudchat rumored that our assets are safe in Binance. After Liu Ming was arrested, the APP and official website could not be opened. I think all our members should be prepared for the worst!

Dear CT members, I’m an investor. I belong to the team leader of Cloud Wolf Warriors. It has been two years since the Thailand kick-off meeting in May 2019. Whenever I think of my original choice, it’s still Feeling regretful, I think everyone is still confused about who took our money. Of course, there are many sensible people who know the whole ins and outs~

Let me analyze everything below so that everyone can understand better. If you are willing to admit defeat, it does not matter if you are willing to deal with it radically. In short, you can do what you want~

The thing is like this, we have to start from the beginning. The CT project was originally established by Liu Chaoming (real name: Liu Chaoming) and WBF Zhao Sheng. At that time, Zhao Sheng asked Ronald to help write the CT program. After the system was developed, Liu Chaoming and Zhao Sheng distrusted each other and broke up for the control of the money, so Zhao Sheng withdrew from the shares in May 2019. To put it bluntly, this market 1 was created by Liu Chaoming at the beginning. Otherwise, how did Liu Chaoming become the number one in the world?? Everyone belongs to his account!
The next thing I want to talk about may not be clear to some people, but I believe that these high-level leaders know it well. Several direct-downline leaders under Liu Chaoming (Zhao Jing, Wang Siru of Wolf Warriors, Xiao Niang Sky, Superman... .) At that time, these so-called generals, as long as they bring in performance, Liu Chaoming will rebate 10% of the total performance as a reward, and give it to these so-called high-level generals; this news is from one of the leaders next to Liu Chaoming!

At the same time, after October 2019, Liu Chaoming handed it back to Zhao Jing. Superman and his team made a huge sum of money. On the surface, it was supposed to be refunded to the members. However, Liu Chaoming did not say that they should be refunded to the members, but just to settle them down.

To stabilize the members, my analysis is that Liu Chaoming also understands that as long as the leader does not cause trouble, members are just like ants.

After I learned about these things, I thought about it for a long time. Although everyone invested after knowing Ronald at the beginning, why can Liu Chaoming control the rebate and refund at will?

Obviously Liu Chaoming has the right to decide and control the assets of CT!!!

After October 2019, when everyone started to get no money, a bunch of members lost their homes, and there was no food to eat. At the same time, you, Liu Chaoming, are fine, and spend the hard-earned money of the members everywhere. Enjoy fun, keep members in dire straits. The following are the assets purchased by Liu Chaoming at home and abroad after verification. The evidence is conclusive!!

1. In October 2019, Liu Chaoming purchased Room xx, Building X, Park X, Xinghewan Peninsula X, developed by Hongyu Group, at No.480 Shaxi Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou City-Luoxi. The building area is 500 square meters and the price is 34 million RMB. (The specific address cannot be revealed)

2. In 2019, he bought a number of villas in Phuket, Thailand, worth RMB 20 million. He himself has told members many times and he has also posted videos on Tiktok.

3. In February 2021, purchase a Rolls-Royce car at the 4s store, and purchase all of them for 20 million yuan + full purchase (what kind of assets can be used to buy such top luxury cars?!)

4. At present, both daughters are studying at XX School in New York, USA, and the annual optical fee is as high as more than 1 million.

5. The luxury watches exposed in his own Tiktok photos and films, a Richard Mille has a market price of at least 4 million, and a full-diamond Rolex has a market price of at least 1.4 million...

6. In 2021, Liu Chaoming hired a Guangzhou law firm to spend RMB 2 million+ for asset transfer.
The above-mentioned assets and the tuition fees of his daughters alone do not include the luxury goods purchased by Liu Chaoming and the high-end clubs that he enters and exits....

Expenses and assets hidden in his family or overseas... I just want to ask, is it possible that a so-called project leader can earn so much money??? If you say that Liu Chaoming is not the project owner and did not take away the money from the members, who can believe it?

At the beginning of 2020, Liu Chaoming turned to cooperate with Beijing Tianyi Xinma Biological Technology Co., Ltd. which is actually controlled by Shanggao Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong-owned). Shanggao Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong investment company that maintains long-term cooperation with many wealth management companies in the United States. The relation is as per below...

Liu Chaoming told everyone that it was because of him.

He didn't make any money in CT, so he needed to do new projects. Is that really the case? Then I would like to ask how many people are involved in his new projects? And how many people are still promoting his new projects? The answer is: very little.

Then why should he invest in a company that maintains long-term cooperation with many wealth management companies in the United States? There is only one possibility, that is, he wants to launder money through this new hemp company. That is, laundering large amounts of funds illegally stolen from CT members into Liu Chaoming’s legal assets. I will give you a popular science on what money laundering is. The country determines the money laundering standard. All retail funds enter one address, and they are quickly and suddenly scattered and transferred to multiple addresses. This is judged as money laundering. If you don't understand, you can ask a lawyer!

After measuring human nature by money, I always like to deceive myself and the people below. Because of ignorance and dreams of becoming rich, many people are killed. I know that many of the members in ct have not even graduated from junior high school. There are very few people who have received university or higher education. You will never make money beyond what you know. This is a classic line that Liu Chaoming said. After this happened, everyone did not have the ability to analyze... Liu Chaoming and the others were playing around in their words, while they waited and wasted time.

Everyone is in dire straits since the epidemic, and some can’t even eat. Liu Chaoming had already attracted the attention of the official forces in Guangzhou long before, because a wave of people found him and called the police. In the end, Liu Chaoming took out RMB 60 million RMB to conceal this matter. the real thing I know is that two of the members found Liu Chaoming to solve the matter, and Liu Chaoming has used money to eliminate the disaster.

The process:

On June 25, 2007, Liu Chaoming ran a supermarket opposite to Henggang Kindergarten on Y135 Road, Henggang, Huaqiao Town, Wuhu. The name "Wuhu County Jincheng Commodity Business Department" was closed on 2013.

At the end of 2013, he took a stake in Beijing Changda Jingguang Investment Management Co., Ltd. Business address: No. 8 Bungalow 4806, No. 42 Sancaitang, Tsinghua Garden, Haidian District, Beijing. Later, due to poor management, it withdrew from the shares in 2016

"Guangzhou Shiwan Medical Beauty Technology Co., Ltd." was registered and operated in Guangzhou in 2017. The business address is: No. 4121, No.387, Hanxi Avenue East (extended section), Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City. It operates until November 20, 2019. Panyu Branch of Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce cancelled its business license.

On April 19, 2018, it was registered for business in Room 101, No. 82 (Shop 82), Wanbo 4th Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City. No. 2 was cancelled. On June 20, 2018, a "Grain Shop (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd." was registered and operated at No. 387, Hanxi Avenue East (Extension Section), Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City. The qualification was cancelled by the Administration for Industry and Commerce on March 11, 2020.

Everyone can take a look at his previous experience, which enterprise can make him make a lot of money and live the life of a local tyrant??? It’s clear it’s all nothing more than to swindle everyone’s money in CT and start spending lavishly. I believe that there is a real genuine background in CT. There are many capable people. As the old saying goes, it’s so wrong, there is a debtor. You Liu Chaoming is my creditor. Even if I can’t get my money back, I hope you will be put in jail and eat an iron rice bowl! Rather than returning my funds, I would rather donate the money!!!!

Having said that, I believe everyone must understand the power of our country now. As long as it is a scammer who has defrauded us so much money, don't want to run away easily. Only if everyone is united and enthusiastically report the case, justice may be late, but it will never be absent... Nancun Police Station Tel: 020-84761936 020- 84768406 Address: Nancun Police Station, Panyu District, Guangzhou City (Liu Chaoming is now being detained here). In detail, according to reliable information, Liu Chaoming was summoned and detained on September 30 and has not been released yet.

This is all informations so far, we waiting on more news from police station as the matter go forward . But to China member more and more clear all funds will be discover by police after investigation and questioning of Liu Ming, and then will all be confiscated, whether it the Liu Ming stolen money or still on exchanges. This what happens with the Plus too- bad guys caught, but funds not returned to investor but confiscate by government.

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