This video explains the ultimate transparency of the Cloud Token Wallet as it can be seen on the Ethereum Blockchain


If you had doubts before I would like to think that you feel a lot more assured after watching this video. Some haters of the project have claimed that there is no visibility of the transactions on the Blockchain. This proves them wrong. 

Other haters have claimed that Jarvis AI is not actually trading on Crypto Exchanges. As Ronald Aai put it: 

Someone asked me, if Jarvis AI is making so much money trading why are we sharing it with everyone? why don't we just earn it ourselves?

1. The cloud token project is not just about trading. It's a universal wallet, which needs to have
a) users (that's where every member come in). we are increasing the spending power for every member.
b) merchants, will have more customers.
c) bridge to the traditional payment platform, so merchants don't need to be affected by the volatility from the crypto markets.

2. Our end goal is to be a platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional financial instruments.

3. One thing they are right is, we are pooling all the crypto assets from partners (yes our partners, everyone that join the Jarvis project) to be a huge whale, yes this part they are right with our own strength we can't get anywhere, but with everyone we will be one of the largest players around.

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