Update: Yesterday I go to Guangzhou panyu police station to check how to making the police report. They now no longer accepting report at the station except for local residents, and the online report cannot be made.

For China resident, please make report at local police stations, filling out appropriate forms which will forwarded to Guangzhou panyu station. No need to be travelling to Guangzhou to make report.

For foreigners it is not clear on how to make report, the police station is not equipped to handle international traffic.

For now we must waiting and see the next developments.

Report: it can now be reliably reported that there has been more arrests in China, all people close to Liu.

These are:
Zhao Jing (C4 directly under Liu)
Chen Chen (Liu Ming’s brother in law)
Gao Yong Cheng (Liu Ming’s very close confidante)

These people no doubt have been paid out royally by Liu.

It is advisable for China residents to immediately file report about Liu Ming to your local police station, they will pass on report to Guangzhou. The quicker this done by all member the better, the more report police get, the more they take seriously. And the more they will round up all the related crooks. First in China and then moving abroad.

This case has now reach the multi billion in fraud, because BTC price now hit new highs. Tens of thousands of BTC and eth stolen. This case has attention of central government. News already appearing of new developments, but I will waiting till confirmed before posting. If true then events will certainly be heating up.

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