#cloudtoken Merchant Affiliate Program Initiative

Merchant Affiliate Program Initiative #01(MAP01)

Draft #1

Merchants with the CPOS system will be able to sell cryptos like the Crypto ATM machine but the limit is $2000 (lower depending on the country)/(available depending on the country), which merchants will be able to earn 1% from the sale of the crypto.

Draft #1.01

Tax reports are to be implemented for the crypto sale, which helps the merchant to file for the tax return for each crypto sale.

Merchant Affiliate Program Initiative #2 (MAP02)

Draft #1

Cashpoint Merchants can reduce their risk of handling CASH by becoming a Cloud Merchant CASHPOINT, in which cloud members can visit CASHPOINTS to convert their CTOs or GNDTs. There is a fixed fee for processing these. GNDTs are used to top-up for CLOUDSIM DATA. The max is set to $2000 per customer (depending on country e-wallet regulations)/(availability depending on the country)

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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