Latest Cloud Community Wallet update

Guys, some have noticed that the iOS TestFlight app link has almost expired. There will be another update to extend it, but It will be only an extension for the current app for another 60-90 days, not the new app. Hopefully within that period the new Cloudv2 wallet and/or CCP will be released. The good news is the new system and wallets are virtually fully developed and working great.

But because of the nature of the new wallets (particularly CDP part of the CCW), there are more compliance issues that need to be put in place first, and this requires approvals that the Cloud Team can’t control the timing of.

I think there will be notices probably next week in CloudChat with more details.

Although this means a bit more delay, it doesn’t really matter because even if released today there would be no conversions until funds buildup. Much better to have all legal compliance in place than to release early and hit more problems. This way once all compliance is in place, then we will be all systems go.

Posted by Jerry, Admin of the CloudV2 Watchtower Group on Telegram

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