Dear Community,

A quick update on current progress.

Basically, all the technical work on the new wallets is almost done, and the system is working efficiently. All this work has been finished on time. Now the last stage that is being completed is consent and compliance.

Due to the much more comprehensive nature of the new wallets and the services that are part of the new ecosystem, a much broader range of compliance consents are required than previously in the old ecosystem.

All consents have been applied for and are in the process of approval from the various entities concerned. The exact timing of approval is out of the hands of the Cloud Community Team and now lies at the discretion of these parties.

As soon as all compliance orders are in place, a staged release of the new wallets can begin. These releases will usher the whole Cloud Community into a new stage where all the recovery work of the last two years will have manifested the brand-new platform by which Cloud will be be returned step by step into operational status.

Please stay tuned for more news and be ready to update your apps each time notice is given!

Cloud Community Team

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