Dear Community, 

Here is a quick update on the progress of the v2.0 wallet development and new associated features. Although things are progressing satisfactorily, it looks like it will take a bit longer to be fully operational and launched. However, the delay should not be exceedingly long, and as soon as things are fully ready the opening will be announced. 

Regarding the upcoming release, there is now also a change in terminology for key parts of the new ecosystem. 

1) What was previously called the "new v1.0 wallet" in former Cloud Community News will now be called the "Cloudv2 wallet". This simply means that the v1.0 wallet that all members were using will be updated to and replaced by this new Cloudv2 wallet. 

2) What was previously called the coming new "v2.0 wallet" will now be called the "Cloud Community Wallet". 

In these new releases, it should be noted that apart from Cloudv2 wallet members being able to transfer their CTOs across to the Community Wallet for conversions, there will be no other direct connection or communication between these two systems. The Community Wallet has been created to help members exchange CTOs, but in an entirely independent ecosystem. 

Right now, the Community Wallet is in testing phase along with work on completing some minor details, as well as finishing off cosmetics and the like. Assuming the final testing goes well, and no other major issues present themselves, all should be good to go before too long. 

There will be more updates soon, so keep an eye on Cloud Community News. The release of the Cloud Community Wallet is the first major step forward in the rebuilding of our Cloud Community, and on this foundation we will all be able to move forwards into the future with confidence and stability. 

Cloud Community Team 

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