It appears that some members have some misunderstandings about Bitkkah and the function of the Bitkkah card in the Cloud ecosystem. 

Reiterating information from former Cloud Community messages, the following points should be clearly noted: 

1. Bitkkah is a fully independent entity unrelated to Cloud and is NOT able in ANY way to assist in the conversion of CTOs or to process Cloud withdrawals. 

2. The Bitkkah card will be part of the coming new Cloud ecosystem. Once CTO conversion is restarted, members will be able to send their converted crypto to the Bitkkah card for cash withdrawal at ATM machines, or for electronic and online purchases. 

3. Members who currently possess their own crypto can NOW utilize the Bitkkah card in the meantime while waiting for CTO conversions to be restarted. 

4. Approaching Bitkkah to ask about CTO conversions or withdrawals is akin to inquiring of Apple about an issue with Microsoft- the two are completely unrelated. As such, members should refrain from approaching Bitkkah about these matters. Cloud Community will be the only official form of communication from Cloud about these issues. 

5. Re CTO conversions: Cloud members must 1) wait until the release of the new wallet and 2) wait for the generation and buildup of capital in the new ecosystem before any CTO conversions can begin. Although we are now on the eve of the release of the new wallet, it will still take some time for sufficient profit generation to enable CTO conversions. 

It should be noted that the Bitkkah card is a valuable asset for all crypto holders, and particularly because it is legally available in countries that formerly have not had any such service before. Members in all regions including those without such a card provider should take advantage of this opportunity that Cloud has arranged for members, bearing in mind that the Bitkkah card service is well ahead of any other competitor currently on the market. 

Stay tuned for more updates soon. 

Cloudv2 Community Team 

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