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Ronald Aai is a funny man. Here he is standing in front of the new Cloud 2.0 logo:

Ronald Aai and the new Cloud 2.0 logo in the Kuala Lumpur Office

Remember the number of new features Cloud 2.0 is going to offer: 

  • CEZA License for OTC
  • ROGUE for the lower-income leaders
  • FRIDAY for the elites
  • JARVIS-AI adaptive quantitative trading for the masses
  • CLOUDSIM for complete end to end data privacy
  • CLOUDTRAVEL for the best deals in town
  • CLOUDPAY the only truly global crypto payment platform
  • ATOMIC SWAP for fast convenience crypto exchange
  • PREPAID MasterCard

OCT 5 - see you in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Cloud 2.0 Launching Party, Kuala Lumpur October 5 2019

Visit the Cloud 2.0 website

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