Dear Community,

This is a short notice to inform everybody that due to some work being done on the system, both Android and iOS apps will be experiencing some disruptions in service over the next period of time. When the current work phase is finished then login will return to normal.

There is no set time for completion of the current work cycle at this point, so please do not be alarmed if normal function does not return immediately.

Regarding progress on the final procedures necessary for completion before the new app release, there is no new news available at this time. Please see previous Community messages for all relevant details.

While waiting for the final steps to be completed, updates in the Community news will only be given once per month unless there is new news to report, or there arises action needing to be taken by members regarding new app updates which are in being prepared right now.

Please stay tuned to the Community News for more updates as developments progress.

Cloud Community Team

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