Things are all looking really good.

The CCW is really nice, and the CDP feature is awesome.

The whole ecosystem is going to be great when it is up, refunded and producing. In the future when everything is operational, starting with converting CTOs, you can then go straight to Bitkkah card for cash withdrawals or electronic and online purchase. Or you can go through the CDP for private and secure crypto transactions to anyone. Or can go to Ribbons and convert to different kinds of crypto etc etc.

However we must continue to be patient and wait for the compliance and consent part to be done like the CloudChat message says. Some things were going to be released earlier, but without all compliance boxes ticked, there is always the risk of more legal or procedural holdups. So it’s going to be full compliance first, then release.

How long will it take is what everyone asks.

Because it’s numerous compliances being applied and processed, it is impossible to predict. It all could be really fast and just take days, or a bit longer like a few weeks, or it could be 2-3 months. Personally I’m hoping for fast but preparing for slow, knowing how nit-picky compliance consents can get.

Particularly the CDP feature needs certain consents before release.

Remember the three steps we must go through:

1) Reform

2) Rebuild

3) Refinance

The current wait on compliance is the last part of Step 2. Step 3 will really start slowly on release, and gradually pick up to where conversions can begin on a small scale and grow from there. Remember guys, release of wallets does NOT mean that funds are unfrozen. This is still going to take quite some time. iOS updates are being worked on, so if you don’t have the latest iOS version, just wait for the next releases.

I don’t know when this will be but it’s coming, so don’t freak out. If you are freaking out, then borrow an Android device and login from there. But don’t sit around and stare at the app all day, get out and do something else

If you’re still having login problems, don’t freak out about that either. It’ll get sorted out when the time comes.

Have a nice day.

From the CloudV2 Watchtower Group

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