Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

First of all, thanks to all our members for supporting Cloud 2.0 as always.

Recently, many parties with various motivations have tried to disrupt Cloud 2.0’s development in various ways.

Accordingly, Cloud 2.0 is issuing a strict statement:

1. Due to disputes within the company's internal shareholder structure last year, lawyers were appointed at that time to conduct legal proceedings. During these proceedings, all of Cloud 2.0’s funds were unavailable as was mentioned in the published video by Ronald Aai on May 6th 2020. This situation affected the operation and usability of some systems and programs. However all related assets are perfectly secure. After these legal proceedings have been completed, all the relevant system processes will continue to be implemented.

2. Mr. Ronald Aai is the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) appointed by Cloud 2.0. He was also appointed to attend technical seminars around the world and promote the Cloud 2.0 platform’s technology. Because of his passion for technology and his moral adherence to the project for the sake of all the members who believe in the Cloud 2.0 platform, Ronald is still sticking to his post to work on the v2.0 development for global usage, and has never given up his efforts to this end.

3. Regarding all inappropriate speech, false accusations, attempts to undermine technological development and the like, the right to conduct legal prosecution is reserved. It is expected that members will pay attention to the boundaries of freedom of speech while in any discussion.

4. The content of the incident that happened in Taiwan a few days ago is regrettable, and the right of legal recourse to prosecute the relevant people is also reserved.

It is desired that all our members will kindly continue to support Cloud 2.0. The platform’s technological ability is is bound to create new heights of accomplishment.

Cloud 2.0 Team

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