Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We would like to inform you of current progress for your interest.

1. On a positive note, the development of the system has been gaining momentum and continues to advance, and the Cloud Wallet v2.0 construction is moving ahead. Please stay tuned for more updates about this as progress develops. It is important to note that the Cloud Wallet v2.0 is specifically designed to generate profit for existing members without the need for adding any more funds. In this way Cloud 2.0 will be able to move forward despite the recent difficulties that have been outlined in past notices.

2. Despite all the challenges, we are continuing to build partnerships which are enabling the Cloud 2.0 platform to expand step by step, which also offers great potential for future growth. We are now also focusing on adding more and more partners to the Cloud v2.0 wallet, which will provide our members with many new curated services as we move forward and bring this development into fruition. We are are currently working with these new partners as we set our direction for this next phase.

3. Regarding the recent difficulties, we ask our members to wait patiently as we work through each challenge. There have been a few members with bad intentions that have created chaos for the whole community, and it has slowed down our developmental speed and progress as we have been forced divert precious time and manpower into dealing with wild accusations and baseless legal challenges.

4. For security reasons, much of the team has been also been devoting its time and energy to the changeover of the many Cloud 2.0 servers, a necessary move for the safety of everyone’s assets. While now nearing its end, this massive job is still ongoing and has taken up much valuable time that would otherwise have been well spent elsewhere. The Covid19 situation has also slowed down output considerably. However we can report that good progress is being made!

5. We are also pleased to announce that in approximately 15 to 20 days the new Cloud 2.0 website will be online, featuring new technology and utilizing a new CMS (Content Management System), and will include the whole Cloud 2.0 Community in a new interactive ecosystem. Watch this space for announcements.

We wish to thank all of our members for your patience as we continue to move forward into the new Cloud 2.0 platform.


Cloud 2.0 Team

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