Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We would like to announce that a new update is now available for iOS users. And in this update, the 2FA function is restored. You may follow the instructions below to complete the update. Android users using Cloud 2.0.40 app version can also follow the guided steps below regarding the reactivation of the Google Authenticator or Authy function.

iOS update instructions:

iOS users should proceed to the TestFlight app and click “UPDATE”. If you have not used TestFlight to perform previous updates, please refer to the instructions in the link below: 

Once the update is completed, every member will have to re-activate the 2FA function in the Cloud 2.0 app for each Cloud account. (This action can also be performed on Android devices).

Instructions to reactivate Google Authenticator or Authy:

1) Make sure the Google Authenticator or Authy app is downloaded onto your device;

2) Tap on the bar icon at the top left hand corner of the Cloud app, goto Settings >Google Authenticator >Activate >Enter Payment Passward >Press “Proceed” >Scan or copy the code into the Google Authenticator or Authy app >Press “Activate”. Upon completion of these steps, the 2FA will be fully functional and ready for future use in the upcoming v2.0 ecosystem. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Sincerely, Cloud 2.0 Team

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