Dear Cloud 2.0 Community, 

We would like to give all our members a quick update on progress. 

We are now approaching closer and closer to the v2.0 wallet release. Development has been going very well despite the challenges we have faced lately. While we are not yet ready to give an exact release date, we are confident that it will still be during the first quarter of this year. We will be posting more notices as we get closer to the actual release date.

We would also like to reiterate the arrangement of the v2.0 wallet from past posts so that all our members have a clear understanding of how things will proceed after the release. 

1. The v2.0 wallet has been created to generate funds for the Cloud 2.0 project without the need for further investment from members during this current period where funds on exchanges have been frozen due to complaints and lawsuits started by various parties. 

2. The v2.0 wallet is designed to generate profit through its new services, upon which the said profits can then be utilized by v1.0 members for CTO-CTOX conversions. 

3. Upon release of the v2.0 wallet, some time will be required for fund generation to begin- i.e usage of the v2.0 wallet equates to fund generation. We are anticipating a snowball effect that starts small and gradually picks up in size and volume as the v2.0 wallet services are advertised and utilized. As the v2.0 wallet profits increase, so the amounts of conversions for v1.0 wallet members can also increase. Again, we ask all our members to grasp the reality of the new wallet and not to harbor unreasonable expectations of large withdrawal amounts immediately upon release. A realistic expectation for conversions will be a small start with gradually increasing amounts over time. 

4. Upon release of the v2.0 wallet, we encourage our whole community to both: A) personally utilize the new wallet functions, and B) promote the services to the wider cryptocurrency community. The v2.0 wallet functions are not provided exclusively for the Cloud 2.0 community, but are also available for general public use worldwide. In a nutshell, the more traffic the v2.0 wallet experiences, the more funds will become available for v1.0 wallet users to convert CTOs. 

5. Lawsuits and litigations are currently still in progress and are anticipated to take a lengthy period of time. Until all legal processes are complete, exchanges will not release the currently frozen funds. This means that leavers will wait until this legal process fully plays out before any withdrawals can be possibly be processed. By association this also means that remainers will not have access to their Jarvis funds until release by the exchanges . There is nothing that Cloud 2.0 can do at this time to expedite this legal process, this has to take its course in each of the various jurisdictions up to the final satisfaction of the exchanges' requirements for release. In the meantime, all members' funds will sit untouched on the exchanges, and will also be shown during litigation for evidentiary purposes. We understand that this situation is very frustrating for the whole community. This current situation has also cost Cloud 2.0 much in time and assets, and has set back the speed of the Cloud 2.0 project development quite considerably. 

We will be in touch soon with more information on the upcoming v2.0 release, please continue to stay tuned! 

Cloud 2.0 Team 

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