I'm not quite sure where this info is coming from, but here it goes: 

Cloud 2.0 will have 3 stage program

1. Jarvis 2.0 - Grow Community
2. Friday - Grow Wealth
3. Merchant Program - Sustainable Wealth for your own Business with Cloud 2.0

Jarvis 2.0

Jarvis 2.0 - Data Subscription @ $500 lifetime. @ 1GB per month. If you refer to a direct friend You get bonus 1GB data, Your friend refers a friend you get a bonus of 500MB of data for 1st indirect and if your friends friend refers another friend you get 50mb of data for 21 Levels of indirects

You need to build your down community to get the C0-C5 level, this will have 2 indicators
a) Total Number Of Members
b) Total Number Of Subscription Value

a + b = C0-C5
C0-C5 = The amount of CTOs that can be used monthly now, weekly later.
b = the amount value you can participate in the Friday Program

Friday Program:

1) Company/Business Only - From the amount (b) you can participate by grouping up from your referrals to participate.
2) Company/Business must sign an intemediary agreement with our appointed law firm to escrow your digital assets. The revenue from the digital assets are also sent from the project to the law firm to be then transacted back to you. The revenue for Friday project is based on market situation and there is a non-guarentted yield of 1-4% per month. Which is paid out after the contract matures. If members would like to have daily revenue paid, they would have to go thru the appointed lawyer to morgage their contract to a Digital Asset Finance Company who will take the risk. The fees are 50% of the yield. Example: 1m @ 4% = 40k (DAFC charges 50% = 20k given to member)
3) Merchant Program, to participate in the merchant program members needs to join company appointed Cloud 2.0 Franchise Business Units. Which will then appoint members as Agents. KYC is needed and Merchants that wants to participate in the merchant program is required to do a KYB process. Benefits to Merchants
- Minimum Guarentee Revenue
- Transaction Profit Sharing (each transaction based on level of transactions done YTD)
- There are 3 basic grades CM0-CM5 Merchant. Each Level will determine the level of minimum revenue guarentee

CM0 - >100K/YTD/1% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD.
CM1 -> 1M/YTD/1.5% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD.
CM2 -> 5M/YTD/2% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD.
CM3 -> 10M/YTD/2% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD. + 0.5% Transaction Revenue
CM4 -> 25M/YTD/2% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD. + 0.7% Transaction Revenue
CM5 -> 50M/YTD/2% Profit Guarentee Purated YTD. + 1% Transaction Revenue

Benefit to Agents:

- 0.5% of the transactions that merchants do.
- CM0-CM5 leveling of merchants = the amount of CTOs the agent can use. Levels are non Stackable.

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