Read this ENTIRE message, BEFORE doing anything!

The latest iOS version of the Cloud Wallet application is FINALLY out.

I URGE you to pay attention to the BELOW steps, as if you make a mistake here, the consequences will be irreversable!

The install process will NOT update your existing Cloud Wallet application, but it will install a SECOND copy of it, so FIRST, identify where your existing one is. This way, you will know exactly which one you need to click on.

  • BEFORE you install the NEW version, log into your "OLD Cloud Wallet app" and be sure that you actually did write down your 16-digit login id, your password as well as your pin and mnemonic phrases!
  • If you are going to be LEAVING Cloud, know that your CTOs, those inside of your superwallet and those converted into other crypto (using Jarvis Re-Entry feature) will be GONE FOREVER - yes, you can transfer them onto your external CTO wallet that is Ethereum based, but they will be worthless.
  • So if you have any CTOs in your superwallet, consider sending it FIRST to your other account (if you have multiple) or to a person who is STAYING with Cloud.
  • NOW you are ready to click on the LINK and install the latest app: (only works with iOS!)

The app will NOT work straight away as you have to "Trust It", inside the settings of your phone.

To do this, go to: "Settings"==> "General"==>"Device Management"

Click On "YFC Technologies PTE ltd" and click on "TRUST".

Now you are ready to launch the latest application and go through the Terms and Conditions.

With this, we can assume (for the time being) that the 7-Day Countdown has officially begun.

If you do NOT manually go through the application and decide to either "Leave" or "Stay", until 21st February, the system will "AUTO-MIGRATE" (STAY) your account.

Again, be SURE that you follow these exact steps.

Arthur Zablocki

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