Ronald Aai:

I have been hard at work on 5 things. while the team working on withdrawals and conversion issues.

Doing this week.
1. Working on getting certification for the Cloud 2.0 platform so that we can gain reputation in the industry
2. Working on getting the OTC license completed before the end of the month
3. Working on expanding the Marketing/Business Development team for more Great Deals to be brought into the platform.
4. Meeting up with legislators and compliance officers/consultants on how to get JARVIS 2.0 to be fully compliant with securities. Trying to obtain the RMO license (recognized market operator) in Malaysia, Remittance In-bound/Out-bound and finally to be Shariah/Wakaf compliant.
5. P2P platform.

1. Need to restructure JARVIS 2.0, this will take 4months+
2. Need to spend more time on paperwork and meetings with relevant departments
3. More human-interaction processes which I am really bad at.
lucky I have the BDs to help.
4. Getting the idea and message thru to the legislators on what we are doing and how to comply with AML without KYC... is really a crazy job.

1. We have finally signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with a Foundation. The platform once certified will be managing the growth for the foundation. Please await for the news, it will be publicized. We can finally help many more people in-need and finally set in stone a track record of the changes we will bring to the society.

2. Lawyers and Financial consultants finally have come back to let us know that the Jarvis 2.0 new method may be the way to fully change the game for this wallet wealth management industry.

We are working towards to become a real legal and complaint company so that all our members/leaders can work together with us in peace and prosper from this system. Blockchain is a young industry and whoever that starts in this industry now will indeed benefit from it. We know this and we want to bring this to the masses, change their lives and that in turn will help ease the government's burden on social economical issues. Which helps progress the country. We are always moving towards our goal and mission.

Stay Strong, Stay Committed, Stay with me and we will go to the moon.


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