From the latest Cloud Token Diamond Team call with Ronald Aai:

  • Another version of Jarvis is being worked on (Jarvis 2.0) - (It would offer even less risk for participants than the current one)
  • Before, Conversions & Withdrawals were being done by the same local server nodes. Now, the company is going to be allocating different nodes for Withdrawals & Conversions so that these requests can be processed a lot faster.
  • Conversions soon will be done through an external platform on an exchange. Members will also be able to buy and sell CTO tokens there.
  • Cloud 2.0 should receive CEZA license by the end of this month, allowing them to also deal with FIAT currencies.
  • The Company has around $400M in “Assets Under Management” (AUM), 182 million in Binance across 3 accounts and the rest are in other other exchanges.
  • Ronald has a meeting with a supplier for “airline booking/flights today, if the agreement is reached, we should have the possibility of also booking flights with our CTO from inside the app in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • CloudRedeem, specifically working with Grab should be fully enabled inside the app this week.
  • CloudPrepaid (debit cards) are expected to be fully active by the end of this month. So far 7,200 cards had been collected by Cloud 2.0 members and another 2,800 cards are to be delivered.
  • There will be section inside the app where we members will be able to see how many requests have been processed as well as inform members on the number of pending conversions & withdrawals.


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