Finally an update. I'm taking it with a grain of salt though.

1. While working on a more advanced RIBBONS 2, Cloud is glad to announce they have just succeeded in sorting out the security problems in Ribbons 1, enabling them to start it right now to be used for CTO/BTC conversion.

They will keep it up and running until Ribbons 2 is ready.

2. Previously submitted CT Jarvis withdrawals are still continued to be processed. It is taking some time nevertheless as the support team has to check out each request individually as they have to cope for multiple and repetitive demands and even false request as well.

3. CloudTravel is on the operating table to add new options and correct pricing issues. Although the relocation of the KL Experience Center caused some delays in applying new licences, everything will be sorted out and ready to launch before the start of Chinese New Year (CNY)

4. Jarvis 2.0 is well on schedule and will be rolling out within two to three weeks. First draw of the legal framework was finished and is now under final reading for approval and publication.

5. MasterCard application was also delayed due to relocation, but Union Pay cards will definitely come out before CNY

6. CloudRedeem is ready to be launched in Taiwan before the end of this month. After thorough live testing, it will soon be extended to all other parts of Asia.

7. Glad to report that the CloudSim new features and competitive prices structure will be also ready before CNY

8. Company is continuing its work to make all parts of the Cloud Ecosystem fully compliant.
Following its huge commitment this requires investing substantial human resources, as lots of time consuming meetings with authorities generate piles of paperwork that need to be processed.

More news and extensive analysis will come out and Cloud will keep you updated. Thanking you for your constant support.

Also visit for a short installation tutorial

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