Some thoughts from Cloud Token Diamond Team member Arthur

Here are a few things, that I would like to highlight about the current situation. Many of the things that I will highlight below are nothing more than speculations, that may be widely different from reality (as myself as well as other admins have been flooded with hundreds of private messages).

Cloud has been around since April 2019 (Internationally), with major issues starting back in September 2019. Already during the event in October in Malaysia, members have not been able to make withdrawals.

Back then, the corporate team was still communicating well. In December and January, the vast majority of the community couldn't access the CloudChat app is it wasn't working, and that's when we've started to see the influx of all sorts of crazy "stories", as some of the members have realized that there's an opportunity in trying to manipulate the masses.

Here is what we know, and why, based on a substantial evidence that we have available, the project has no choice but to continue.

... and at this stage it really doesn't matter what the real "motives" are, the FEAR or the DESIRE to create something great.

1. Ronald Aai is no longer on Facebook, that's mostly due to the number of personal threats directed at him and his young family. Can you imagine Ronald wanting for him and his family to be "on the run" till the rest of his life?
2. Major system restrictions.

We have seem the company making significant adjustments to how the system is designed. How much people can deposit has changed, how vouchers, the travel service and the simcards will be operating.

They are putting a lot of "safeguards" in place to stop members from abusing the system for their own personal gain. (we have seen this happening inside Jarvis, with the "CTO to crypto" conversion and then withdrawal etc). And now, with the $500 deposit limit, that is being put in place together with Jarvis 2.0.

We don't entirely understand what is actually happening. We don't know why the company needed to go completely under the radar, with only sporadic updates being released here and there.

Now lets go into the TRAVEL.

When the service first launched, it was priced very competitively to other offers on the market. And then the price DOUBLED (and more).

Why did it double?

Could it be that competitors didn't like the fact that Cloud was grabbing all those cheap offers, that normally would have been theirs?


just like with "CloudRedeem" (and this is a speculation that I am hearing from members regularly), it's yet another attempt by the company to "take back" as many CTOs for as little $ as it is possible?

CloudRedeem as well as CloudTravel both are "significantly overpriced", and I've heard many people now relating this to possible issues with trading.

The plan was to make trading "transparent", with members being able to see a "near live" feed of everything that is happening on exchanges.

There is a rumour that, as the market was going mostly sideways in Q3 and Q4 of 2020, trading activities haven't been as effective as in previous months, and the reason as to why CloudRedeem and CloudTravel are overpriced is to make up for "possible losses" there.

Could this be the case or simply, as the crypto market is highly volatile, it's too hard for them to program the system in such a way, that it can dynamically adjust the offer?

We have absolutely no idea.

And I am always trying to be extremely careful when it comes to making any sort of "assumptions", as those are typically based around our past experiences.

I am very keen to see some evidence to shed some light into this matter.

Now the MIGRATION to Jarvis 2.0.

We have seen the "struggle" to initially log into the application, the moment new Terms and Conditions for Jarvis 2.0 have been released. Could it be that the company wants to first sort out "Android" users before "iOS" users have their say as to whether they want to leave or stay?

Again, we don't exactly know.

It would logically make sense, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is only so much traffic, their servers can actually handle… and even the use of those services that allow you to "temporarily scale" your network, could be very tricky to use in their situation.

We all know that the 25th January was a significant date for the entire community, with the majority of us believing that all of those issues would be finally behind us. This hasn't happened and looks like we are still weeks' away before we are going to be able to move on.

What has however happened is the "7-14 days fund removal clock" for Android users.
That's the DEADLINE, that cannot be broken.

Members are being asked to sign a "legally binding" agreement (no matter the power that it can actually hold, when dealing with anonymous networks), and the company is obligated to fulfil their part of their contractual obligations. Based on that, for those people who decided to leave on 20th (if our calculations are correct), the company has until Friday 14th February, to return those funds.

Once it happens, and I very much hope that it does, those of us who decided to "stay" in the project, would be able to relax a little bit more.

We are seeing various comments out there, where community members (who have no control over anything) are basically trying to "buy" the company some time, already suggesting that the 14th Feb may not happen. Although they for sure have good intentions, this suggests that they don't quite believe that the company can actually do this, creating the very opposite effect.

There are still many issues, with the "TRUST" being at the very front of that list, and I can only hope that the company is fully aware that they've let many of us down and it will take a while before we could go back to how things were when we first started.

With all that being said, the good and the bad (as there is no point in trying to hide anything) the company has way more to lose here if they decided to not continue with the project.

Their system, after a number of changes, has now been "bullet-proofed" to be able to support further growth. Maybe the "$ potential" isn't as big as it previously was, but for sure the system is much better prepared to fulfil their 3-year plan.

As frustrated as I am, I am still patiently waiting another 5 working days, in hope that we will finally start seeing the "flood" of "successful refund testimonials", so that we can finally leave these "dark times" behind us and again start enjoying all the benefits that the Cloud 2.0 will be able to offer in the upcoming future.

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