I had a very firm conversation yesterday with a guy who is working directly with Ronald. They are not slowing down and we will be seeing things being released over the next few weeks. Their focus is the OTC, so that existing members can convert their CTOs. I didn’t get a clear answer as to when the withdrawals will be processed - I am working on this.

We have also identified one of their addresses on the ETH blockchain, with over $59,000,000 sitting there, so that amount alone is enough to cover the withdrawals for the leavers.

I pushed for timeframes, but I didn’t get them.

I still very much think that Cloud is going to be back, but my personal suggestion is if you’ve suffered financially due to lack of income, as we don’t know when things will come back to normal, to find a way to create something else, so that you are never completely cut out. This is why people always say, don’t quit your day job too early.


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