Dear Cloud 2.0 Community,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Cloud 2.0 Card Program. 

This new personalized prepaid credit card now provides our community with an invaluable tool to conveniently link the cryptocurrency and fiat currency spheres together with ease. The card is currently linked to the v1.0 wallet and will later be integrated into the new v2.0 wallet platform. 

With the addition of this exciting feature to our new and developing ecosystem, members can now use cryptocurrency to directly charge this new card with either USD or Euros, and then utilize the card to withdraw cash, make electronic purchases at all affiliated stores and outlets, and also perform online transactions as with any other standard bank card. In other words, your cryptocurrency is sent to your own personalized account, whereupon it is automatically converted in to USD or Euros, which is then fully accessible to you via use of the card. The accepted cryptocurrencies are BTC, BCH, ETH or USDT. 

This new prepaid credit card is available with either Visa or UnionPay services, or if members so choose they may apply for both. With Visa and UnionPay both being available in this new feature, members over the whole world can utilize this new addition quickly and conveniently in almost every country of the globe. 

The application process is simple and straightforward, and is accompanied by 24/7 customer service should you need any assistance. 

How to apply: 

1. Select the CloudPrepaid option from the menu circled in red below:


2. Upon entry, you will see the application page as in the picture below.


To understand related details, please click on the Bitkkah logo located on the top left hand corner (circled in red). You will be directed to the Bitkkah website where you may then explore it at your leisure. You will find card details and fees under the “Services” link. 

3. To apply, please fill out the form located in the Cloud 2.0 app all the way to the bottom, providing all the required information. Important: This card is a personalized prepaid credit card that will have your own name printed on it. It is therefore imperative to make sure that all your information is correct so as to avoid any delays in the KYC process. 

Please be sure to note down all usernames, passwords and security questions in a safe place for future use. 

Should you have any queries during the application, you can use the Bitkkah 24/7 customer support feature located at the bottom right hand corner of the application page (circled in yellow in the picture above shown in Step 2).  The customer service supports all languages via translation software and is very efficient. (Important: The above mentioned customer service belongs to the card issuer and not Cloud 2.0 company, so kindly do not make enquiries to the card issuer about Cloud 2.0 matters. All official Cloud 2.0 information will continue to be released through CloudChat and Cloud Community). 

4. Upon clicking “accept”, you will then be contacted by the card provider by email who will direct you through the KYC process. (Important: if you do not receive an email from Bitkkah in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder). You will then be asked to send the required scanned documents and proofs of identity. Once this KYC process is complete, the card will be issued and sent by global courier (DHL) directly to your specified address. In all members should have the card delivered to them within 20 days of starting the KYC process. 

The card is your own personalized card printed with your own name and will be valid for a period of five years. 

Initial Card Usage 

Upon receipt of the card, you will need to contact Bitkkah via Customer Service to activate it, after which you may start to immediately utilize it by charging your new Bitkkah account with your own personal cryptocurrency reserves. You may then proceed to use the card to perform cash withdrawals, online purchases or shopping at any outlet that accepts Visa or UnionPay. (Please note that when using the card at electronic terminals, you must select the “credit” option for the card to be recognized by the vendor’s payment device). 

(Note: Any personal assets you send to your new account will not pass through the Cloud 2.0 system in any way, but will be sent from your own third-party crypto wallet directly to your new personal Bitkkah account). 

Future v2.0 Wallet Integration 

When the Cloud v2.0 wallet is released, you will at that time be able to 1) directly convert your CTOs into CTOX, 2) convert CTOX into cryptocurrency and in the final step 3) directly send the converted cryptocurrency to your personal Bitkkah account to charge your card. This process will be very simple and quick, enabling you to utilize your Cloud 2.0 earnings in a very efficient fashion. 

We encourage all our members to apply for the card in preparation for the future v2.0 release so as to maximize your experience with the new ecosystem. 

Cloud 2.0 Team

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