There will be 3 flavors, ASIA SIM and US SIM & EUROPE SIM. (we are trying to make it all-in-one, but the network provider needs time, so we are sticking with this first). These cards are not used to replace your current sim, but rather to be a companion sim, as these SIMs do not have a mobile number tied to it. (you can't call or sms yet, we are working on this).

Features at start

  • Roaming DATA
  • Digital Certificate to Secure your CloudToken Wallet

Features to come:

  • Pair multiple supported country mobile numbers to the card
  • SMS/Calls (VOIP in-app, yes even to other mobile)
  • Screen unwanted calls/sms from app
  • Remittance

Updated: There will be 3 Flavors. Due to make it for the dateline by OCT 5

Two factor authentification

Conversion is indeed working however many users have issues with the 2FA. We are working on resolving the 2FA library issues and it's expected to be completed by the coming week.

Conversion Errors

The 404/505 errors that you're getting on conversion is due to MAX-CAP from the API provider. We are working on this with the API pool provider to resolve this (normally involves us paying more for higher limit) we are working on this.

Congestion Problems

To ease the congestion for convert: UPDATE #3 Limit conversion times to twice weekly, with a minimum of 50 CTOs.

Missing Payout Schedule (Binance)

Earlier this morning at 9.30am GMT+8, Binance missed a payout schedule to the API Pool for conversion (our api bot did a withdraw but it was pending till 11:30am), so there many are affected. All these can be tracked here.

More on the Conversion Issues

Because we screwed up this morning with the Conversion (no thanks to Binance) I am giving away 5 tickets for the OCT 5 event. Requirements: Write no less than 100 words, tell me why you should get this ticket. It can be in any language that google translate support. Post here, so everyone can see and the team will contact you by the end of the week to see if you are selected.

More on the Congestion Problems

Ok now new changes coming for Convert from CTO.

1. The limit is 2 times a week to convert. Meaning, you can convert 2 times in a week, if you want to convert the 3rd time it will be disabled for the week until the next week you can convert 2 times again.

2. There is no MAXIMUM. Just the current minimum of 10CTOs This will take effect in 14days. This is to ease the congestion that everyone is having.

Source: Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile

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