So Cloud 2.0 is still alive? Here's hoping.

Just two days ago, on Dec. 27th, a private meeting took place between Ronald Aai and some of his C4 international top leaders.

This meeting was attended by about 15 people and results can therefore be interpreted or translated differently.

Nevertheless, a brief summary of that meeting came out yesterday, which then could be 100% verified by a number of independent persons attending that event.

It concerned 5 items:

1. They are now waiting for the legal framework to be fully verified and approved before Cloud can publish official announcements. This should be completed within 14 days.

2. Users must then formally sign up (subscribe) for Jarvis 2.0, the new plan, which complies with all international laws and regulations (compliance).

Returns will be paid out in data that will represent the same value as the current profits paid out in the CTO. (5-10% per month).

3. Users who do not sign up for the new Jarvis 2.0 will receive a full refund of their deposit before Jan. 25 (CNY), which means that their deposit will be taken out of the current Jarvis1 and placed in their own protected wallet, where it is freely available.

4. After the payout (Withdrawal) from Jarvis, the revised Ribbons 2 OTC (Over the Counter trading) is released.

Depending on the magnitude of withdrawals from Jarvis, the value of the CTO will be recalculated before conversion on the OTC.

5. Full details will be officially announced on CloudChat immediately after completion of the Legal Terms and Conditions (i.e. within 14 days).

Again these 5 points have been verified, but there are still many details to be worked out in more detail in the coming days. So wait for official publication in CloudChat.

It is clear that the Chinese New Year is an important date, on which the many Chinese members want to be able to use their credits for holiday purchases.

It is also clear that Jarvis 2.0 does not stand in the way of a further global expansion, because all compliance can be met.

The daily profits from trading and commissions will not change as far as the euro or dollar value is concerned, but for legal reasons will soon be distributed as tradable data rights.

Existing previously distributed CTOs can be traded on Ribbons 2.0 OTC under Jarvis 2.0.

The value of the CTO may vary. On the one hand there may be pressure because people take money from the reserve pool, on the other hand this is absorbed by repurchases by Cloud on the OTC at correctly calculated values.

Each CTO can be seen as one share of the Cloud company and can grow to a very high value with Cloud.

Profits on consumer services such as Simcards, Redeem and CloudTravel will also increase the value of the CTO in the longer term.

We will have to wait and see how quickly this will develop in practice.

Cloud Travel will in any case be launched in the coming days with new hotel offers PLUS international flight tickets.

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