The "CTO to CRYPTO" CONVERSION process is available FROM the following versions of the Cloud Wallet App:

iOS 2.0.9:

Android 2.0.26:

As of March 2020, only members with $500+ worth of crypto in Jarvis are able to complete the process (your CTOs in Jarvis do not count). At a later date, the functionality will be made available to other members too.

Once you've updated your application, here is what you've got to do, step by step, in order to successfully convert your CTOs.

Step 1

Check Your Ethereum Balance (In the "Wallets" section).
We recommend that you have at leaset $10 worth of ETH inside, so be sure to add some at this stage, if you don't have enough.

Step 2

Export Private Key
Once you click on "ETH" inside of your Cloud Wallet, you will see a small text in the top right corner "Export Private Key".
Click on the "CONFIRM" button, enter your payment pin and google authenticator code. Then click on the "COPY" button.

Your private key is BY FAR the most important piece of data in relation to your account. It is THIS KEY that gives you control over your funds. If you lose it or share with someone else, someone else may steal your money - so be sure that you SAFELY back it up too!

Step 3

Go To Settings
Click on the "3 lines" (Hamburger Sign-top left of your screen). Then click on "CTOX Convert".

Type in the number of CTOs, you wish to convert. As of March 2020, you can only convert up to 500CTO.

The process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours as it is a "cross-chain" operation, that converts "Aurae Blockchain-based" CTOs into "Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain-Based" CTOX".

You can see CTOX listed at the very top of your "Wallets" section of the Cloud Wallet App, so you will see an updated balance, once the process is completed.

Step 4

Download IMTOKEN Wallet application (from your GooglePlay or Appstore).
(This will support up to 10 different Cloud Wallet Accounts).

Carefully go through the setup process and backup safely all the sensitive information to do with your account.

Step 5

Import Your Ethereum Private Key Into IMTOKEN App.

Go to: "My Profile" (bottom right) ==> "Manage Your Wallet" (top) ==> "Add Wallet" (bottom right) ==> ETH ==> "Import" ===> Private Key

We recommend that your "Wallet Password" is exactly the same as your login password for that Cloud Wallet Account.

Step 6

Change Wallet Name (Optional)

Go back to your "Wallet" section of the IMToken. Click on the "3 dots" inside the blue box at the top of your screen (top right).

Click on the "Wallet Name" and change the name to the last 4 digits of your "Cloud Account" - this way, if you are going to be converting CTOs from multiple Cloud accounts every month, you will know exactly which is which.

Step 7

Confirm That CTOX is listed among your "Assets".

If your CTOs have already been converted to CTOX, you will either see them on the list or you will see a red notification next to the “+” sign, telling you to add it.

Step 8

Exchange CTOX into other Crypto inside the IMToken. Click on the “Browser” button at the bottom of your screen. Where it says “Search for App or Input App url, paste

Read the instructions and then scroll down and click on the “Exchange” button.

Click on BOTH blue buttons that say “Check Balance/Check CTOX Balance”.

Type in the amount of CTOX, you wish to convert and click on the “Withdraw” button.

Then click on “Next”, enter your “Wallet Password” and click on the “Confirm” button.

After a couple of minutes, your CTOX tokens will be converted.

-Arthur Zablocki-

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