#cloudtoken now has over 800,000 member in 145 countries

Soon Cloud Token will be renamed to Cloud 2.0. Then Cloud 2.0 will become a trademark. It will also have a new logo.

Cloud 2.0 will be shariah-compliant. An FSL (Financial Services License) is in progress.

Very soon the CloudSIM will be launched. Trial for C3/C4 Leaders will start in mid-September

The MVSO (Mobile Virtual Service Operator) name will be Cloud 2.0. Launch in Asia (except Japan).

The Merchant program will be introduced (potentially with a binary plan) and an OTA (Online Travel Agency) to launch in September

There will be two new projects added. Rogue: Starting with 10 USD users can participate in a “Saving Lottery” and win shares from Compound Interest pools. Friday: Starting with 5.000.000 USD large investors can use customized trading bots connected to their exchange accounts.

There will also be a few perational updates. C3 and C4 users applied for CT Prepaid Cards and the KYC for CT Prepaid Cards is in process. The Kuala Lumpur head office will be opened in September.

Events in Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam) and Europe (Poland) are scheduled. The big Global Event most probably to take place in October (yet to be confirmed)

Cloud 2.0 will engage in a Charity Foundation.

There is still more to come, but I have been asked not to publish any details yet.

Cloud 2.0 Launching Party, October 5 2019, Kuala Lumpur

In order to read the latest updates make sure to visit Ronald Aai's Facebook Profile on a daily basis. He has a lot more on there (i.e. diagrams, graphics etc.).

Visit the new Cloud 2.0 website

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