Guys, I’m turning off comments on this group for now during this waiting period so admin doesn’t have to answer the same old questions over and over, and we don’t have to put up with “experts” opining on things they don’t know anything about, and casting aspersions on what the Cloud Team is doing.


1) When the next round of updates and/or the beginning of migration to the new app begins, comments will be reopened for those needing help etc.

2) When new CloudChat messages are released, they will be posted in here, along with usual info I may share etc.

3) If there are people who want to join the group, contact either me or Stephen @Stephen4148 for processing.

4) There will be at least monthly CloudChat updates on the official website while we are in waiting mode, and there will be even more announcements if there is some progress or other things.

In the meantime, make sure you have read all the pinned messages and CloudChat updates so you know what’s going on.

The Cloud Team is working really hard at getting things restored so we all need to wait out the process.

When things get rolling, then we will open the group up again for interaction and dealing with problems that may arise.

Stay safe out there

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