#cloudtwozero #cloudtoken Why Cloud Token must not be compared to Plus Token

A lot of people are still comparing Cloud Token to Plus Token. I want to destroy this myth once and for all. Plus Token was a scam.

Full disclosure: I did put some assets into Plus Token in early May because I was intrigued by the fast growth of the value of a Plus Token (it went from $0.40 to over $130 Dollars in a little over a year). At some stage I started to wonder how these price increases were possible and I also learned about Cloud Token. So I decided to remove my assets from Plus Token and moved them over to the Cloud Token Wallet. Not only did the Cloud Token app appear much more user-friendly to me, I also researched the company and read a lot about the Cloud Token CTO, Ronald Aai

Ronald Aai has been in the business for more than 25 years. He's been involved in the development of Smart Phones and, even more importantly, Ronald is a visionary and believes that Blockchain technology will make life better for many people around the World. That's why the slogan "Banking the Unbanked" is a big part of Cloud 2.0.

Coming back to the difference between Cloud Token and Plus Token. Plus Token never had a reserve pool. All the assets were held in one pool. Plus, there was never any transparency (we don't even know who the people behind Plus Token are). I firmly believe now that Plus Token intentionally pushed the price of their "token" in order to get more people to put their assets in. Unlike Plus Token Cloud Token is not just a crypto wallet, but also a whole ecosystem. Features like the Cloud 2.0 Debitcard by Mastercard, the CloudSIM and the Merchant Programme will distinguish it from other crypto wallets. I firmly believe that we are part of something really special. 

Very important: Cloud Token has a reserve pool. If you would like to find out more just watch this video. Mateusz explains everything: 

Visit the Cloud 2.0 website

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