They are not releasing exact info until certain cases are finished - some is by court order and some by lawyer recommendation. Maybe nearer the end of the year there will be updates on this.

Here is the sequence of events that happened:

1) Former owners decided to leave with all their funds, and at this time also the leavers contract was issued

2) The former owners then got in disputes about distribution of funds which caused delay in the execution of the leavers contract (not to mention foul play by some big leaders)

3) Due to this delay, Cloud teams and members lodged complaints and lawsuits which caused the funds on exchanges to be frozen

4) The owners then left, and the only person around was Ronald who was left with this mess - i.e remaining funds frozen, capital removed by owners etc.

This is why Ronald has developed the new wallet - to create funds until the other funds can be unfrozen.

Exchanges now waiting for resolution of lawsuits and court orders to release funds. Until then funds remain frozen.

Posted by Jerry, Admin of the CloudV2 Watchtower Group on Telegram

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